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Torrington's local law firm

Wall Wall & Frauenhofer LLP, Attorneys at Law has been serving the citizens of Litchfield County for over 100 years. Attorney Thomas J. Wall founded the practice in 1906. The areas of law that our attorneys practice are personal injury, criminal law, family law, real estate, wills, trusts, and estate planning. 
Thomas J. Wall with arms crossed in Torrington

About Thomas J. Wall

Thomas J. Wall was born in Torrington and was a state prosecutor and judge. He survived a murder attempt on March 18, 1925, when bootleggers threw dynamite at his home. He showed a large amount of mercy for the men who were sentenced and even lobbied for their sentences to be reduced. He left the legacy of the firm to his sons, Thomas F. Wall and Robert Wall.

About the Wall sons

Thomas F. was born in 1907 and Robert was born in 1909. Both of the brothers went to law school; Thomas F. graduated from Harvard Law School and Robert graduated from  Georgetown University and New York University Law School. Both held numerous prestigious positions, such as prosecutor, judge, and city attorney. Robert passed away first in 1995 and Thomas F. followed in 2002.

The future

The legacy of the firm was then passed onto Thomas F. Wall, Jr., who joined in 1964. Attorney David Frauenhofer then joined in 1967, and Christopher Wall followed suit in 1994. By keeping the business all in the family, our attorneys are then familiar with how things run and that ensures a smooth process for when you visit our law office.
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