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Criminal defense services in Torrington

If you or a loved one has gotten arrested, give Wall Wall & Frauenhofer, Attorneys at Law a call immediately. Getting tangled up in the law can be a frightening experience, so don't go through it alone. With the assistance of our attorneys, you'll be able to fully understand the charges and what you're up against.
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Get professional guidance

Because what you say while being investigated can and may be used in court against you, it is extremely important to have an attorney at your service throughout the entire investigation. What you say may be twisted to work against you in court, and our attorneys know how to advise you in such a way that such a mistake can be avoided.

There with you all the way

As soon as you have any type of contact with law enforcement, you should have an attorney. It is a wise choice to keep an attorney with you through the entire process, until you are either convicted of the crime or the state drops the charges. Our attorneys are available to be there with you every step of the way so you'll never be confused or alone.

Quality legal counsel

Because criminal charges can affect your life significantly, don't trust just any lawyer to represent you in court. Wall Wall & Frauenhofer, Attorneys at Law have kept its doors open for over a century by passionately defending our clients throughout the years. Our attorneys are well-versed in their specializations and will fight for you as if you were family.
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