Probate Administration

Probate law in Torrington

Sorting out who gets what property after a loved one's died can be a difficult and emotional process. When you need someone who is level-headed and experienced in probate law, get in touch with Wall Wall & Frauenhofer, Attorneys at Law. We'll be able to carry out the wishes of the deceased with as little conflict as possible.
Last will and testament document in Torrington

Dealing with property

Our attorneys can assist with the administration of estates of people who are deceased and the litigation of wills and trusts. Utilizing the services of our lawyers ensures that the wishes of the people who have passed away are truly carried out in the fashion they wanted.


Probate law also involves appointing guardians for minors, terminating parental rights, and matters regarding adoptions. Our attorneys will ensure that your children stay safe and we'll always have their best interests in mind when we go to court. By getting custodial rights legally set in stone, that protects you as a parent as well.


Should you need this service, our law firm can help you with appointing conservators for people who require assistance to handle their affairs. We can also help you challenge or defend wills and trusts. For anything else regarding probate law, please get in touch with us and we'll let you know if we can be of assistance or not.
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