Estate Planning

Estate planning in Torrington

Although you may feel young and healthy, unfortunate situations do occur suddenly and unexpectedly. Don't get caught off-guard — have your will and trust done while you are sound of mind and prepare for the future. Should tragedy ever strike, this takes a huge burden off of your loved ones.
Estate planning document in Torrington

Leave a legacy

By having a good real estate plan, you leave a legacy behind for your children, and other family members. This prevents your loved ones from arguing with one another over what they believe your wishes were. With your wishes clearly written out, your family can properly grieve when the time comes.

Your wills

Your last will and testament will name someone as your power of attorney, while your living will tells your family what to do in the case of life sustaining equipment used in the cases where there is no medical probability that you will recover. It also describes what you wish to do with your body (anatomical gift to science or for transplant) and can also include a trust.

Your trust

A trust is a legal entity and whoever you appoint to hold your property for your benefit (or another person, such as children or grandchildren) is the trustee. Trusts can be crucial in carrying out your wishes after you've passed on, as your property can be split up in only a manner you deem fit.
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