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When you slip and fall while on the clock, you're probably eligible for worker's compensation, especially if you have to take time off of work for recovery. You should give Wall Wall & Frauenhofer, Attorneys at Law a call as soon as you suffer an injury at work, since we can lend a helping hand through the legal process of getting compensation.
Worker compensation form in Torrington

Have your expenses covered

Your employer is responsible for covering the costs of medical treatment, weekly compensation for periods of temporary partial disability or temporary total disability, and other benefits. Usually, your employer has worker's compensation insurance, which means everything should go smoothly after you've filed a report with your employer and a 30c form with the Worker's Compensation Commission.

Get fair compensation

Should the insurance company raise issue with your claim, our lawyers know how to be assertive and get you your fair compensation. The insurance company can raise issue if they believe your injury was not work related or if you are accused of performing a task not designated to you.

Rest up with no worries

After an injury, you should be resting with as little stress as possible. Having a worker's compensation claim not go through should not be something you're worrying about. If you have an attorney throughout the whole process, they can spot problems early on and nip them in the bud so you can continue getting the medical treatment and financial assistance you deserve while you're unable to work.
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